How KoBu Can Teach Self-Defense Escape Techniques
"Your workout becomes your defense, and your defense becomes your workout." 
     In order for anyone to survive a fight or flight situation, the body must rely on instinctive reactions that can only be acquired through repetitive motion known as muscle memory.  An example of this is the "wax on, wax off" scene from the movie, "The Karate Kid."
Since every movement in the KoBu workout is a self-defense technique, repeated practice of these skills will cause muscle memory.  
The guiding principle of KoBu Power is :
"learn once, practice one thousand,
practice one thousand to do once."
With the knowledge that the movements can be used to save your life, a new dimension of confidence is added to the workout.  The hidden self-defense escape technique in KoBu Power is called the "bunkai" of the movement.  In reality, most of us don't carry a weapon for protection.  KoBu Power trains your body to be the weapon against an attacker.

  Martial Art Dance moves designed for anyone of all ages to follow along and Dance their way to Fitness and Self Defense education.
Fitness equipment is not needed for the KoBu Cardio class.

Using Martial Art Dance moves with a weighted bar in a choreographed workout that simulates the skills of a Samurai
The bar that's used during the KoBu workout is a training tool that also teaches where to put your hands placement in the defense of an aggressor to create a safe escape.

Ancient Art, Modern Motion:
A Samurai Cardio-Kickboxing Workout

For centuries, the Far East has set the
benchmark for fitness and longevity.  Various
Martial Art disciplines are now recognized as
beneficial to people of all ages.  KoBu Power
is a workout based on the ancient discipline of Kobudo and Kenjutsu, the art of the Samurai.
Combining such intense skills with a cardio curriculum in an easy to learn program is the concept of  7the degree Black Belt and Member of the USA Karate Hall of Fame, Michael Graves.

KoBu Power has resistance-based Samurai cardio-kickboxing moves that sculpt the body and will burn more calories than most kickboxing fitness classes. KoBu's weighted resistance training will achieve firm and tone muscles.  Scientific studies indicate that cardio-strength training helps increase metabolism that will promote the shrinkage of fat cells even when not exercising.

"KoBu Power is not just a workout. 
KoBu is an education in Self Defense that will sculpt the body, and most importantly, build self confidence"
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KoBu Power

    "KoBu Power is a Workout
With Self -Defense Escape Moves
     That Could Save Your Life"
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